From Vision to Impact: The NBCA’s Role in Transforming the Construction Industry

Bill Day We’re thrilled to announce that the Black Contractors Association – Alabama Chapter (BCA-AC) has officially joined the National Association of Black Contractors, marking a significant stride in empowering black contractors nationwide. Led by Jarrod Sims, our President, BCA-AC proudly aligns with this esteemed national movement, dedicated to fostering inclusion, equity, and diversity within […]

Celebrating Trailblazers: Black Construction Pioneers Transforming the Industry


Bill Day In a world where systemic racism has long plagued the opportunities available to Black professionals, the construction industry stands as a testament to the resilience and determination of those who have defied the odds. The Black Contractors Association of Alabama (BCA-AC) is proud to celebrate the cultural contributions and achievements of Black construction […]

Meet Tennessee Rep. Justin Pearson

Justin Pearson

Bill Day “Meet Tennessee Rep. Justin Pearson, this generation’s newest leader whose courageous protest echoes the bold actions of civil rights icons who fought against racism in the 1960s. Before assuming his role as a state representative in Tennessee, Pearson was already a tireless advocate for racial justice, mirroring the dedication of icons like Dr. […]

Black Man’s Country Club.

Barber Shop Talk

By Bill Day Imagine a place where every trade of the construction world came together under one roof.Plumbers, electricians, HVAC technicians, architects, engineers — you name it, they were all there.This was more than just a workspace; it was a hub of knowledge, a fountain of opportunity, and asanctuary of community. Back in the day, […]

The Importance of Black History in America!

The Importance of Black History in America!

A Journey Towards Understanding and Acceptance. By Bill Day In the fabric of American history, threads of Black history are woven so intricately that to unravel them would be to dismantle the tapestry itself. Yet, there exists a palpable fear of confronting this integral part of the nation’s past. It begs the question: why is America […]

Demanding Economic Justice: The Urgent Call for Black Inclusion in Construction

by Bill Day Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., an iconic figure in the history of civil rights, left an indelible mark on the struggle for equality in America. His unwavering commitment to justice, nonviolence, and economic empowerment continues to resonate with individuals across diverse industries, including the Black community within the commercial  construction sector. Dr. […]

Dismantling Barriers: Organizations Unapologetically Supporting Black Construction Professionals

Black builders have  been underrepresented and faced obstacle after obstacle, a stark reality stemming from systemic barriers deeply rooted within the construction industry’s landscape. For too long, these challenges have persisted, denying Black contractors and other HUBs their fair share of publicly funded projects, while stalling the growth of the business capacity. But there are organizations that […]

Greed in Disguise: Exposing the Racist Agenda Behind Anti-Minority Contracting Lawsuits

On January 9, 2024 an article was published arguing lawsuits could undermine equal opportunity in construction contracting. Challenges to DBE Goals in Federal Contracts Gain Steam For over 40 years, minority contracting programs at agencies like the SBA and DOT have sought to remedy deep-rooted discrimination that systemically blocked equal access to public sector infrastructure […]