Black Man’s Country Club.

Barber Shop Talk


By Bill Day

Imagine a place where every trade of the construction world came together under one roof.
Plumbers, electricians, HVAC technicians, architects, engineers — you name it, they were all there.
This was more than just a workspace; it was a hub of knowledge, a fountain of opportunity, and a
sanctuary of community.

Back in the day, when men who had weathered extraordinary times sat side by side, these spaces
were alive with stories of triumph, hard-earned lessons, and dreams yet to be realized. It was a
place where the spirit of entrepreneurship mingled with the warmth of brotherhood, and where a
nod, a handshake, or a shared laugh carried more weight than any contract signed. This was a place
for correction and education on how to navigate life in all its facets. As my old barber used to say,
we were like birds picking up seeds—each visit meant leaving a little wiser, a little more prepared
for whatever life threw our way. You couldn’t wait to get there because you knew you’d walk out
smarter than when you walked in.

During these gatherings, young men and boys of all ages rubbed elbows with seasoned and
experienced men from all walks of life, soaking up wisdom across generations. This is what made
the experience so special — somehow, we just knew it. It wasn’t just about the haircut; it was about
belonging to something bigger, something that gave us purpose and pride.

As times sped up, those special gatherings became harder to find, leaving a hole in our hearts and
community. The buzz of connection and brotherhood we used to feel started fading away. Lots of
newer shops lost touch with what the experience and expectations should have been about—the
vibe of the “Black Man’s Country Club.

New generation of barbers got caught up in trying to be too modern or efficient, forgetting the heart
and soul of what made this workspace such a special place in our culture. This loss isn’t just about
missing a place to hang out; it’s about losing a vital spot for passing down wisdom, keeping our
culture alive, and lifting each other up. Without these shops, young folks miss out on learning from
the older heads, and that’s a real shame. We’ve got to bring back that feeling of excitement and
community, where every visit left you feeling a little wiser and a lot more connected.

There’s an exciting buzz in the air, a feeling of longing to bring back those lively discussions,
celebrate shared successes, and experience the unwavering support of a community that truly
understand our culture’s ups and downs.

Join us on March 25th at 6 pm at the North Birmingham Library as we reignite that spark. It’s not just
about gathering; it’s about coming together as a strong force for change and progress. Discover the
incredible power of connection, mentorship, and camaraderie with the Black Contractors
Association – Alabama Chapter (BCA-AC) and many others.

“At BCA-AC, we’re about more than just constructing buildings; we believe in building legacies that
will last a lifetime, together with our community, Jarrod Sims President, BCA-AC”

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