BCA-AC Membership Tier

1. Foundation Builder: This option symbolizes the foundational support provided by members,
emphasizing their role in building and strengthening the organization from the ground up.

2. Blueprint Advocate: This option highlights the advocacy aspect of membership, indicating
members’ support for the organization’s mission and vision as outlined in its “blueprint” or strategic

3. Steel Beam Supporter: This option represents the sturdy support members offer, akin to the
stability provided by steel beams in construction. It signifies members’ commitment to upholding
the organization and its initiatives.

4. Concrete Contributor: This option signifies members’ tangible contributions, likening them to
the essential role of concrete in construction. It emphasizes the concrete actions and support
provided by members to help the organization thrive.

5. Roof Ridge Partner: This option symbolizes members’ partnership in reaching new heights and
providing protection and shelter, much like the role of a roof ridge in construction. It represents
members’ commitment to the organization’s success and growth

6. Building Partner: This option is for individuals or entities who are supportive allies in the
growth and development of the organization or industry.

7. Trade Champion: This option celebrates the pivotal role tradesman play in the construction
industry. It represents their dedication to excellence and innovation within their trade.

8. Construction Design Collaborative: This option represents a group or network of
professionals who collaborate on various aspects of construction design projects. This group
may include architects, engineers, designers, and other related professionals who work together
to develop innovative and efficient design solutions for construction projects