From Vision to Impact: The NBCA’s Role in Transforming the Construction Industry


Bill Day

We’re thrilled to announce that the Black Contractors Association – Alabama Chapter (BCA-AC) has officially joined the National Association of Black Contractors, marking a significant stride in empowering black contractors nationwide. Led by Jarrod Sims, our President, BCA-AC proudly aligns with this esteemed national movement, dedicated to fostering inclusion, equity, and diversity within the commercial construction industry.

In a recent press release, we reiterated our unwavering dedication to championing the cause of black men and women in the construction sector. At the core of our mission is the resolve to tackle systemic issues and ensure a brighter, fairer future for black construction professionals.

As part of the National Association of Black Contractors, BCA-AC stands shoulder to shoulder with chapters across the nation, each playing a pivotal role in advancing our shared mission. From coast to coast, our chapters are actively driving policy changes, advocating for inclusive procurement practices, and cultivating environments where black contractors can thrive.

Our affiliation with the national organization underscores our commitment to collaboration and learning on a broader scale. “We recognize the power of unity in our efforts to not only help black contractors survive but thrive in the commercial construction industry, “The National Black Contractors Association Headquarters, work to secure a 10,000 square foot Apprenticeship Training Center in San Diego, that serves as a beacon to show what can and must be done to secure our future in the commercial construction sector. Count this as a testament to our commitment to this most important work,” says President Sims. “This facility addresses the training needs of inner-city youth and also serves as the NBCA Corporate office, based in Southern California.”

Guiding our national endeavors is Abdur-Rahim Hameed, the esteemed National President/CEO, whose three decades of tireless advocacy have supported the growth and success of tradesmen, tradeswomen, HUBs, MBEs, and DBEs across the nation. “The future is indeed bright for our emerging contracting community,” shares President Hameed. With a history spanning over 37 years of fostering strong relationships and partnerships with major contractors, governmental agencies, and politicians, the NBCA stands ready for continued growth and influence. Its trajectory promises to bring about meaningful changes in the commercial construction industry.

BCA-AC remains steadfast in our dedication to this vital work. Join us as we continue to build an inclusive future where black contractors can flourish and contribute their expertise to the commercial construction industry.

For more information about our initiatives and how to get involved, visit www.blackcontractorsassociationinc.org.

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