Exclusive Interview with Jarrod Sims, President of the Black Contractors Association of Alabama (BCA-AC)


By Bill Day


Exclusive Interview with Jarrod Sims, President of the Black Contractors Association of Alabama (BCA-AC)

Jarrod Sims President BCA


In a move that could have far-reaching implications for the construction industry in Birmingham and Jefferson County, the Black Contractors Association of Alabama (BCA-AC) has filed a lawsuit against the Birmingham Jefferson Civic Center Authority (BJCC) claiming it did not follow inclusion policies established by the city and county when selecting the contractor for the projects. We sat down with Jarrod Sims, President of the BCA-AC, to discuss the issue, the lawsuit, and the fight for fairness and equity.

Bill Day : So, Jarrod, can you tell us a bit about the issue at hand? What’s been going on?

Jarrod Sims : “First thing, thank you, Bill. I appreciate the opportunity to get this issue out to the people of this community. As we all know, representation matters, and it’s crucial that our community’s majority and diverse voices are reflected in the publicly funded projects that shape our city’s future.”

Bill Day : “Can you explain how the BJCC’s actions have affected the community and the construction industry in particular?”

Jarrod Sims : “Absolutely, Bill. The BJCC’s failure to fully follow the inclusion policies set by the City of Birmingham and their Participation Framework Plan for MBE DBE WBE HUB business has resulted once again in not meeting the 30% target establish spelled out in the Framework Plan for all BJCC projects, perpetuating a cycle of exclusion and limiting opportunities for (HUB’s) Historically Underutilized Business This not only harms the businesses but also deprives the community of the economic benefits and jobs that come with inclusive development. We believe that everyone should have an equal chance to participate in the growth and prosperity of our city.”

Bill Day : And what’s the current status of the lawsuit?

Jarrod Sims : We’re headed to court on Wednesday June 5th, at 1:30pm at the Jefferson County CourtHouse in Judge DONALD E. BLANKENSHIP Courtroom. We are urging our supporters and anyone who is for fair play to join us as we stand up for economic justice.

Bill Day : How has the BJCC responded to the BCA-AC’s demands for fairness and equity?

Jarrod Sims : Unfortunately they have not responded to our concerns. Bill I was told this was going to go this way, I held out hope for the Star Amphitheater project being the one that would lead the way for better opportunities for HUB’s here in the City of Birmingham.

Bill Day: Can you expand on that a little more.

Jarrod Sims : Sure, to get this issue of true inclusion and representation on publicly funded projects here in Birmingham , we must now have a leader, a champion, or some agency or entity or person with the will to move this issue behind us as a City. First you have to see the citizens of Birmingham as true equals in this process, not as an afterthought. Listen : we can get this done, we must as a collective that prioritizes inclusion for HUB’s in public spending. All of the stakeholders, elected officials, must have a commitment and willingness to get this done once and for all. “Only by accepting the truth and working together can we finally close this sad chapter and build a brighter future for all in Birmingham’s publicly funded commercial construction projects.”

Bill Day : “Thank you, Jarrod, for sharing your insights and perspectives on this critical issue. It’s clear that there’s much work to be done to achieve fairness and equity in publicly funded projects in Birmingham. We urge our readers to join the BCA-AC in their fight for inclusion and representation. Together, we can create a more just and equitable community for all.”

Jarrod Sims : Thank You .

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